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        1. I-90 Market Expansion

          Pace Express bus

          Thanks to major rebuilding and widening work Illinois Tollway has recently completed on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90), Pace has been able to undertake several projects along the corridor between Rosemont and Elgin.

          In December 2016, Pace launched the largest-ever service expansion in the agency's history, with the addition of six new routes, enhanced service on six other routes, and the opening of the I-90/Randall Road Park-n-Ride Station. Over the course of 2017, Pace continued to improve service and the facilities, including the opening of the Flex Lanes and, in December 2017, the new I-90/IL 25 Park-n-Ride Station. On August 13, 2018, Pace opens the region's first-ever inline station at Barrington Road. For an overview of our latest improvements, read our Summer 2018 brochure.

          Buses traveling along I-90 are now able to use the new Flex Lanes whenever there is traffic. These lanes are available to buses and emergency vehicles and allow our passengers to avoid traffic on the highway.

          The Flex Lane is part of what Illinois Tollway calls the I-90 SmartRoad. Learn more about the cutting-edge technology behind this project at or view this Tollway flyer.

          Flex Lane


          See the video below and learn more about the Tollway's project at .
          See this Tollway flyer to learn about what happens when there is a traffic incident.


          New Park-n-Ride Stations

          The final part of our initiative -- the construction of three new, innovative Park-n-Ride Stations -- is now complete.


          I-90/Barrington Rd. Station

          The region's first-ever highway-based bus rapid transit station has come to Hoffman Estates! On August 13, 2018, Pace opens the I-90/Barrington Road Station, which includes a 170-space park-n-ride lot and two "inline stations" (one in each direction) which allows express buses to pick up riders without exiting the highway. A pedestrian bridge over the tollway and two tunnels passing beneath ramps allow commuters to access eastbound and westbound buses with ease. The south side of the station features a transfer location to two new Pace services--Route 612-Barrington Rd. Circulator and Hoffman Estates On Demand. The investment in walkability at this location connects Pace passengers to adjacent jobs and residences as well as a forthcoming kiss-n-ride facility. Pace Routes 603, 605, 607 and 610 serve the inline stations.

          New highway-based bus rapid transit station

          I-90/Randall Road Park-n-Ride Station

          This facility in Elgin is complete and operational. Featuring 150 free parking spaces, it is served by Pace Routes 550, 605 and 607. The express routes connect Elgin to Rosemont (and to Chicago via the CTA Blue Line) and Schaumburg.

          I-90/Randall Road Park-n-Ride Station

          I-90/IL 25 Park-n-Ride Station

          Open since December 2017, the Pace I-90/IL 25 Park-n-Ride Station further connects Elgin and the surrounding area to Schaumburg, Rosemont, and Chicago. This project also brought about improvements to the area's pedestrian infrastructure, with the installation of new sidewalks connecting the station to adjacent neighborhoods. This station's 199 parking spaces are served by Routes 603, 605, and 607. Route 543 on Dundee Road is only a short walk away.

          I-90 at IL Route 25 Park-n-Ride

          New Vehicles

          The 25 new buses that operate the I-90 express routes feature comfortable, high-backed seats and top-of-the-line features. Riders can stow a briefcase in overhead containers, read using the seat's individual overhead light, charge a phone using our USB outlets, or browse the web using onboard Wi-Fi.

          New & Improved Service

          The graphic below details the routes and park-n-ride facilities along the I-90 corridor:

          I-90 at IL Route 25 Park-n-Ride
          Click for printable large version, use your browser's Back button when done.



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